Dynamic Instrumental Magic

This album’s dynamic instrumental magic gives us a worthy musical experience that emerges from a wealth of stylistic genres and a meticulous attention to detail.

Relaxing, Yet Kickin’

Each track seems perfectly at home, flowing along and weaving an effortless montage of relaxing, yet kickin’ music.

Engaged from Beginning to End

Highstein and company make the most of every second here, where their collective strength illuminates his vision of jazz, rock and classical working together synergistically to keep the listener engaged from beginning to end.

A Clear New Era

Multi-instrumentalist Max Highstein not only creates original music, but develops original classifications for it. This is a pushing forward, a clear new era for contemporary instrumental music.

A Velvety Mix of Tapestries

Max Highstein creates a velvety mix of tapestries. The emphasis here is on rich textures of harmonic reeds juxtaposed with various moods. Portraits painted with a wide brush.

One Of A Kind

Max Highstein’s original compositions are classic pop standards on their own. His music is familiar without being mundane, a quality that only well-versed crossover artists achieve. Highstein’s music is one of a kind.

The Melodies Never Miss

Tiptoes is a brilliant display of Max Highstein’s dexterity on such various instruments and a tribute to his profound but accessible compositional skills and talents. The melodies never miss—not once.

Lifts the Weight of the World

In a world filled with serious thoughts and uncertainty, Tiptoes softly walks into your psyche and lifts the weight of the world.