Touch The Sky MP3


A brilliant palate of great melodies and interweaving textures.

From Our Listeners

"Highstein has the uncanny ability to tap the listener’s soul with his melodies... with meticulous arrangements and flawless performance." Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas.

"One of the finest CDs I've ever listened to. Touch the Sky will lift the spirit and not let up until you are soaring. Pure joy and bliss!" -- Mega New Age Directory. review: "First off, I will say that I hate elevator music. I am a fan of the gritty stuff. I love raw flamenco, real classical music, real jazz and always hate the watered-down stuff. I prefer Danilo Perez to Kenny G, Paco de Lucia to Ottmar Liebert, and anyone over Yanni (Yawny). So that is why my copy of Max Highstein's Touch the Sky stayed unopened for years after someone gave it to me.

However, after popping it into the CD player in order to have some mindless music to read to, I was very surprised. One, he is an excellent musician and a great pianist. Two, his compositions have such soothing touches, it's fantastic. I really found myself falling into the music and being transported to different places of relaxation. The music was refreshing, relaxing, and in a word, beautiful.

Over the years, I have not tired of this CD. I listen to it often and love how it makes me feel every time. Judging from the liner notes, I think that sort of peace is what Mr. Highstein intended for the CD. I have to congratulate him on that."

From The Artist

"I think that more than any other album, I'm most proud of the music on Touch the Sky. I was very fortunate to have songs come to me that made a perfect setting for the players I was so lucky to be able to work with. The playing of Jon Clarke on woodwinds, and Ed Willett on cello was especially crucial to the success of this music."

Max Highstein