Sacred Journeys


Rich texture and gentle emotion for healing, meditation, massage, or quiet listening.



By Max Highstein • 60:00 • 5 Songs (3 are Extended Play)

The lovely, absorbing music on Sacred Journeys is filled with rich texture and gentle emotion. Each piece stands beautifully on its own, and does indeed take the listener on a sacred inner journey. Ideal for healing, meditation, massage, or quiet listening, complexity and richness continues to emerge and unfold over repeated listening. One  hour of soft, quiet music.

Our Listeners Say

"I use this music, not just as a therapist, but for myself as well. Over the weekend I have taken musical "walks" with the three main musical journeys on this album, and found the 3 energies wonderfully different and equally healing. The shorter piece, Baby Blessing, is a wonderful lullaby I equally enjoyed. A 4 year old grandson of mine heard part of this and commented that he really liked it and wanted to hear it again." - Customer (Massage therapist).

"I liked the wide array of instrumentation. It's really great music -- all of it. It has already been a beautiful gift for me."