Each song is a inner journey that takes the listener deeper and deeper.



By Max Highstein • 57:00
5 Extended Play Songs

Intuition is perfect for deep meditation, massage, or spiritual healing, and composed specifically for that purpose. An hour of music, each song is like an inner journey that takes the listener deeper and deeper. Originally created as the background score for the guided meditation programs on the Intuition Retreat course. Composer Max Highstein played the recording of this music for a meditation workshop, and the listeners couldn’t get enough of it. That inspired the publication of the Intuition music CD. Now listeners all over the world can enjoy it too!

From Our Listeners

"Today I listened to Intuition: Music to Guide You Deeper by Max Highstein for the first time. Normally I try to preview CDs before I use them in the massage room. But for some reason I just decided to play this one and cross my fingers. The result? It was wonderful and helped put me in the right mood for giving a great massage. (My client liked it too)." Massage Therapist Comment

"When I was sick, the music on Intuition was the only thing that could provide me comfort. The music is deeply healing. I always ask my massage therapist to put it on." Customer comment

"There is something very special about this music. Once my massage clients hear it, they ask for it repeatedly." -- Customer comment (one of many such comments on this album).

"I have listened to Intuition while writing/meditating and felt compelled to write you this note to tell you how much I love this music. It's so beautiful and quiet and easily touches my heart, allowing me to drift and become contemplative. And, while listening, I then reflect on you, the composer, and the beautiful place that exists within that enabled you to create such a piece. Thank you so much!" -- Customer comment.

From The Artist

"I've gotten a lot of very positive response from massage therapists and healers about Intuition, and I often use this music in my own healing session work. I'm very glad it's helping people connect within."

Max Highstein