Inside Flying Not Falling: Day 6


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Instrumentation & Players


Rhythm Section

  • Piano, Fretless Bass: Max Highstein
  • Drumkit*
  • Calabash*
  • Synth Mallets*
  • Cellos*

Lead Instruments

  • Soprano Sax & Flute: John Yoakum
  • Panpipes*

Odd Bits

  • Wine Glasses



Rhythm Section

  • Piano, Fretless Bass: Max Highstein
  • Drumkit: Mark Clark
  • Synth Mallets*

Lead Instruments

  • Soprano Sax: John Yoakum
  • Flute: Jesse Tatum
  • Cello: Ed Willett
  • Violin*

Odd Bits

  • Music Box*
  • Voices*
  • Electric Piano*

*Performed by Max Highstein via midi keyboard with synthesizer and sampler software.


Music Video for Helium


Guided Meditation For Day 6

Here’s a classic guided meditation to help you get into the habit of letting go of worry. Download and enjoy!




Flight Plans:


Flight Plans is the first vocal album from Max Highstein. His singing voice is warm, soulful and intimate — a perfect match for his insightful, catchy lyrics. These are songs that make you feel good about yourself, and offer a boost. The instrumentation is beautifully interwoven with the melodies, much like the best of Max’s instrumental material. Piano, cello, soprano sax, accordion, fretless bass, acoustic guitars, organ, strings, percussion and background vocals all gracefully harmonize to help tell the story. Every song is full of life, humor and insight.


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