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  1. The Inside Story Day 2: Dreamwalk
  2. Dreamwalk

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Instrumentation & Players 

Rhythm Section

  • Udu: Mark Clark
  • Pizzicato Cello*
  • Calabash*
  • Shaker*
  • Triangle*
  • Cardboard Box

Lead Instruments

  • Piano: Max Highstein
  • Concert Flute: Charly Drobeck
  • Oboe & English Horn: John Gustafson
  • Cello: Ed Willett
  • Pizzicato Violin*
  • Synth voices & pads*
  • Harp*

Odd Bits

  • Music Box*
  • Synth Mallet Blocks*
  • Wine Glasses*

*Performed by Max Highstein via midi keyboard with synthesizer and sampler software.

Guided Meditation For Day 2

  1. Relax on a Tropical Beach

Download Relax on a Tropical Beach


Music Video For Dreamwalk

Features Mojo The Dog.


Daydreams & Path Of The Heart: Special Bundle Pricing!


  1. Touch The Sky
  2. Bittersweet Reflection
  3. Ice Melting
  4. Initiation
  5. The Healing Waterfall (Music Only)
  6. Island Fantasy (from Magic Island)
  7. Stars
  8. Window
  9. Air Ride (from Magic Island)
  10. The Healer’s Touch Part One
  11. The Healer’s Touch Part Two
  12. The Healing
  13. Lullaby

 A palette of peaceful colors, Daydreams is for relaxing, healing, dreaming. Enjoyable over many, many listenings, you’ll discover something new each time listen. “I love Max Highstein’s music, and Daydreams is my favorite album, although I recommend all of them. Whenever I play it friends want to know how they can get this album… I highly recommend this.” — Sanaya Roman, author Living with Joy and numerous other books”


Path Of The Heart

  1. Path of the Heart
  2. Recovery
  3. Laredo
  4. Foursong
  5. Resting Stone
  6. Steps Around The Circle
  7. What The Heart Knows
  8. Inner Lights

A breathtakingly beautiful album, Path Of The Heart is some of the most healing music you will find anywhere. Joining Max Highstein on piano and synthesizers is Kenny Loggins sideman Jon Clarke on flute; reed master John Gustafson on oboe, and virtuoso Ed Willett on cello. “I was recently on a retreat and the facilitator played Path of the Heart. I was deeply moved. They happened to have (in their gift shop) a copy of that CD. I cannot tell you how powerful the music on this CD is for me… It resonates with my spirit and has been a catalyst for some significant spiritual growth and healing in my life.” One of many customer testimonials about Max’s music and Path of the Heart.

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  1. Morning_Meditation_Intro

You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes! In MORNING MEDITATION you’ll relax, connect to your higher source, and clear negativity for a clean slate for your day. Then you’ll receive higher guidance, open to miracles large and small, and experience gratitude for your life.

Begin your day with this guided meditation, and fill your days with grace and ease. As you practice, you’ll find it easier and easier to do!

Included in this easy to follow program:

  • Settling In For Meditation
  • Connecting To Higher Support
  • Clearing Your Inner Slate
  • Projecting Love Forward Into Your Day
  • Opening To Miracles
  • Being In Gratitude

All this is covered simply and easily in a short 15 minute program you can do each morning. You’ll gain so much by doing just this every day. You’ll notice a difference in just one week. The longer you continue, the more it will help. Download this program now, and get started today!

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“Why is this necessary?” Max Highstein Answers:

There are two main reasons supporting a music artist is a big deal. 

  1. Making a great recording can be very expensive! Take the album, Flying Not Falling, for example. I believe in hiring great musicians, and paying them fairly. So I went out on a limb to pay about $2500 to the great players who contributed to this project. Making an initial run of CDs (necessary for radio and other promotions) cost about $1500. It cost another $1500 or to send CDs to radio programmers, who then decided whether or not to give the music airtime. This was a very modest budget! I am fortunate to have my own studio, or recording costs for this album would have easily doubled my expenses. Adding a promotional agent would have cost several thousand dollars more, which I did not have. I also devoted months of my time to making this album. That all adds up to quite a bit! (Some of it was paid for by a few very generous Kickstarter backers, and if you were one of them, thanks again and again!)
  2. It’s nearly impossible to recoup expenses! In the olden days, fans purchased vinyl records, cassettes, or CDs. Today most listeners do not! Most of the royalties artists may collect come either from download sales, or streaming royalties. But even download sales have diminished greatly. That leaves streaming, and streaming royalties are miniscule! For example, when someone streams one of my songs on Spotify or Pandora, a typical payment might be $0.00047684. That’s not a typo! It’s less than a tenth of a penny. This is not just a problem for me — it’s a real issue for most every music artist except for the very, very few major acts.

So, if you love the music you hear on my website, and you can afford to support it, please do! Buy some CDs or downloads for your friends and give them as gifts. Or delve into my catalog and buy your favorites. Or, if you care to, just make a gift. It would be greatly appreciated! 

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