Inside Flying Not Falling: Day 7

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Instrumentation & Players


Rhythm Section

  • Piano, Fretless Bass: Max Highstein
  • Drumkit, Congas, Shakers: Mark Clark
  • Guitars: Daniel Ward
  • Marimba*

Lead Instruments

  • Soprano Sax & Flute: John Yoakum
  • Cello: Ed Willett
  • Alto Sax: Jay Rusty Crutcher
  • Spanish Guitar: Daniel Ward


Rhythm Section

  • Piano, Fretless Bass: Max Highstein
  • Shakers, Congas: Mark Clark

Lead Instruments

  • Cello: Ed Willett
  • Bansuri Flute*
  • Whistling: Max Highstein

Odd Bits

  • Wine Glasses*
  • Tibetan Bell*
  • Synth Mallet Blocks*

*Performed by Max Highstein via midi keyboard with synthesizer and sampler software.


Guided Meditation For Day 7




Hondo Blaze:


Features Max Highstein on piano, Howard Levy on harmonica, Jon Clarke on winds, Jay Rusty Crutcher on Sax, and Ed Willett on Cello.

  • Howard Levy is considered the world’s most accomplished harmonica player.
  • Jon Clarke was a long time Kenny Loggins sideman.
  • Ed Willett toured with Ricky Lee Jones.
  • Jay Rusty Crutcher is an outstanding alto sax player, and an acclaimed new age music artist.

Hondo Blaze is a lively, animated, and colorful set of instrumental music inspired by the landscape of Highstein’s high desert home. It’s beautifully orchestrated and arranged with catchy and memorable tunes. A happy listening time awaits!

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