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  1. Flying Not Falling

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Abbreviated song version. Features Mojo The Dog.


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  1. Step Into Serenity

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1) Flying Not Falling: Autographed CD with a Feather!

  1. Flying Not Falling
  2. Dreamwalk
  3. Frank And Mandy
  4. Earthtones
  5. Lily Pads
  6. Lake Shrine
  7. Helium
  8. Simon and Michael
  9. Let’s Talk
  10. New Girlfriend
  11. Olive Branch

I am listening right now… and it is just stunning. Such thoughtful compositions, beautiful production, and the instrumentation is gorgeous. I am especially pulled in by the piano and the flute, but of course it is how the whole ensemble comes together that makes the piece so special.”  White Sun (Gurujas Khalsa). Best New Age Album Grammy Winner, 2017.

Receive a copy of the CD, autographed by Max to you in gold, along with a fancy blue feather. Limited supplies available!

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2) The Healing Waterfall: A Timeless Guided Meditation at a Special Price!

  1. The Healing Waterfall Excerpt

The Healing Waterfall is waiting for you on a beautiful mountainside. Deeply relax while you slowly step forward into the pool, as the water heals and soothes every part of you. A bestseller, this luxurious, gentle meditation with it’s rich, soft music has been adored by many, many people over the years.

About 17 Minutes, Winner Best Meditation Tool for 2012! Over 100,000 grateful listeners agree!

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“Why is this necessary?” Max Highstein Answers:

There are two main reasons why supporting a music artist is a big deal. 

  1. Making a great recording can be very expensive! Take the album, Flying Not Falling, for example. I believe in hiring great musicians, and paying them fairly. So I went out on a limb to pay about $2500 to the great players who contributed to this project. Making an initial run of CDs (necessary for radio promotions) cost about $1500. I then spent about $1000 on a minimal promotion campaign. This was a very modest budget! I am fortunate to have my own studio, or recording costs for this album would have easily doubled my expenses. I also devoted months of my time to making this album. That all adds up to quite a bit! (Some of it was paid for by a few very generous Kickstarter backers, and if you were one of them, I thank you again!)
  2. It’s nearly impossible to recoup expenses! In the olden days, fans purchased vinyl records, cassettes, or CDs. Today most listeners do not! Most of the royalties artists can collect come either from download sales, or streaming royalties. But even download sales have diminished greatly. That leaves streaming, and streaming royalties are miniscule! For example, when someone streams one of my songs on Spotify or Pandora, a typical payment might be $0.00047684. That’s not a typo! It’s less than a tenth of a penny. This is not just a problem for me — it’s a real issue for most every music artist except for the very, very few major acts.

So, if you love the music you hear on my website, and you can afford to support it, please do! Buy some CDs or downloads for your friends and give them as gifts. Or delve into my catalog and buy your favorites. Or, if you care to, just make a gift. It would be greatly appreciated! 

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