Different Reeds, Different Soprano Sounds

If you listen to different tunes on my album, Gratitunes, like Rain Driver, How They Fell In Love, Badango, Open To Receive, and Ten Dollar Ticket, you’ll hear different soprano sax sounds. The sound varies from more breathy, dark, and … Read More

A New Album With Soprano Sax

Once I had put in several thousand hours of practice on the soprano saxophone, I started in on composing a new album of material, called Gratitunes. This would be my 14th music album, and the first one on which I … Read More

Soprano Saxophone Shopping Resources

In my quest to buy my new soprano I came across a number of fine retail outlets that carry soprano saxophones (as well as some very so-so retailers I won’t mention). Here’s the rundown on some great soprano saxophone shopping … Read More

New Horn Setup – Yes or No?

If you shop the websites of boutique sax stores, you’ll find that many of them promote their “new horn setup” fine-tuning service as one of the benefits of buying from them. And they might tout this as “a $300 value,” … Read More

Buying A New Soprano Saxophone, Part 2

I’d thought and read and watched videos about buying a new soprano saxophone. Now it was time to get some hands-on experience. So I made a trip to one of the few music shops in the US that carried in … Read More

Buying A Soprano Saxophone, Part 1

After playing my P. Mauriat soprano for about 18 months, I began wondering if I wasn’t missing something by having one of the more prestigious and pricy instruments I’d seen advertised. I specifically wondered whether a better instrument might offer … Read More

The Soprano Mouthpiece And Pitch

There are a number of things about the soprano saxophone mouthpiece that can effect pitch, and either help you or get in the way. Here are a few things I’ve learned from some of the experts. Dave Kessler talks about … Read More

More: Playing Soprano Sax In Tune & Long Tones

Having put in many hours, I’ve gotten better at playing soprano sax in tune, but pitch is still an issue. Here’s what I’ve learned from other players and my own experience: There are certain notes on even the best instruments … Read More

Soprano Saxophone Pitch & Long Tones

I mentioned previously that early on I had a lot of issues with soprano saxophone pitch. I didn’t understand this at the time, but it would have been very unusual if I had not had any problems with pitch. It’s … Read More

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