Background Music For Film, Video, Games

Free Background Music for film, video, media, games.

Max Highstein’s music catalog is all original work, fully owned and copyrighted by the composer, and immediately available for sync licensing. Find background music, and have it customized to fit your needs. Custom composing for film, video and games is also available.

The Music Catalog includes Album Songs; and Underscores. Underscores can also be quickly customized to fit your needs – length, tempo, instruments, etc. See individual listings for customization fees. Need help choosing? Just ask!

About The Music In This Catalog

For Game Music — select Style: Game

For Vocal Songs — select Style: Vocal Song.

The Album Songs (Listing Type, Above) in this collection are mostly instrumental, and feature a variety of moods and instrumentation. There are several extended-play selections that were composed to accompany specific guided meditation programs.

The Underscore listings included here were created to either introduce a feeling to a scene, such as adding a tone of humor or danger, or to amplify an emotion that is already apparent. They can be handy for transitional scenes where a character is moving from one place to another, useful for scenes with dialog, or helpful in various kinds of action or light action scenes.

Customizing Underscore Cues To Fit Your Footage

In situations where there is little or no budget for hiring a custom music composer, licensing selections from a music catalog like this one can be a good alternative. However, a cue that has the ideal tone and feeling might not otherwise fit the scene perfectly. By selecting the Underscore listings in this music catalog you can call upon the composer to quickly and economically adjust the length, tempo, or even the instrumentation of a cue you like, and get the perfect fit.

NM Tax Credit

Max Highstein’s company, Desert Heart Recordings, Inc., is a qualified New Mexico Film Vendor. This affords a 25-35% Tax credit for work done by Max, including his catalog.

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